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Satay, Indonesia



Satay is an Indonesian dish, consisting of marinated beef, chicken or pork barnecued on a skewer and served with a spicy peanut sauce and cucumber salad.

Satay Restaurant has been an Austin tradition for over 25 years!  We offer fine Thai and South Asian cuisine from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, & the Phillipines.  We have an extensive Vegetarian and Vegan menu available as well as cooking classes, catering and banquet facilities for up to 50 people. Our MSG free cooking and great tasting food have made us a favorite and an Austin landmark.

Satay Restaurant was founded in 1987 by renowned chef and food scientist, Dr. Rommanee "Foo" Swasdee.  One of the most unique qualities of Satay is that all of its entrees are MSG free. This is because Foo's number one goal is to deliver healthy and great tasting meals.  Satay not only offers healthy entrees but also allows individuals to experience a variety of culture and cuisine all at once.  Many of Foo's award winning Satay Brand products, which are sold in over 500 stores accross the country, can be found in her dishes at Satay Restaurant.  Satay is a family owned, Austin original that will serve the needs of the community for many, many years to come.  We hope to make your experience one to remember!

Satay Restaurant's Banquet Room

You can find us off Mopac at 3202 W. Anderson Ln. Ste. #205, Austin, TX, 78757.  Feel free to call us at 512 467-6731 for more information, to order for take-out, or even to make a reservation.




                            Dr. Romannee "Foo" Swasdee

                           Satay Restaurant Group Owner & CEO

Romannee L. Swasdee, or “Foo”, is a native of Thailand but calls herself a "Thai-Texan” because she has lived here for more than half her life. After school, she joined the Research Dept. at Kellogg in Battlecreek, MI; worked for 4 years then moved back to Texas to pursue her dream of making Thai food a reality in the U.S. market. After successfully running, “KIKUYA Boutique”, a fine lady's clothing store, she went on to pursue her passion by following her grandfather’s teachings of the 4 necessities of life: food, clothing, medicine and housing.

In 1987, she opened SATAY Restaurant as a testing ground for her future “SATAY, Authentic Thai Products”. SATAY Restaurant has successfully served Austin for over 25 years while SATAY’s products with more than 10 SKUs, GEMSUGAR, a natural-colored sugar and JAKARTA Indonesian Cuisine are distributed nationwide.

Ubon Ratchathani, The Candle Festival

While running all three establishments, Foo is also a consultant to food companies in other states, teaches Thai and Asian cooking classes, and helps create/develop food products for several major food service chains around the country. She continues to serve as the ambassador of Thai cuisine and culture and is proud of her Thai heritage and passion for Thai cooking. She always makes herself available and provides her services to any non-profit organizations that will help make Austin a better place to live


Satay Restaurant
3202 West Anderson Lane Suite 205, Austin, TX, 78757